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Polar Bear Run

The Polar Bear Run is a charity that started 2 years ago to help the Barberton Police Department. The money raised for this charity allows the Police Department take more underprivileged children shopping for Christmas. The schools guidance counselor nominates children who excel in their study's and or grades to ride along with the BPD to go Christmas shopping for their family. The BPD gives the child $100 to shop with. The BPD sells coupon books and gift certificates to help raise money for this worthwhile event.

National Lodge #568 started providing, free of charge, a home cooked breakfast for the children, the police officers and the chaperons. After helping with serving and cooking breakfast, It was decided to help the BPD raise more money so that they could take more children during this wonderful time of the year and help put a smile on their faces.

To date, the Polar Bear Run has raised $1506.

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